We are a private automotive service for the busy professional.

Our objective is to make sure our client's vehicles stay as sharp and presentable

as they need them to be & when they need them to be.

We provide convenient mobile care in & around Notre Dame, Indiana.


To book our services, simply select a service here follow the prompts and you will be provided convenient availability as you proceed to schedule a service.

Our mission first and foremost is to make our clients' vehicle ownership as enjoyable, simple and stress free as possible.

We are our clients "Trusted Automotive Specialists" and we are here for whatever each one of our clients need. We are here to give our clients peace of mind by constantly enhancing on new services and solutions. 


Our objective is to come to you, our client. And to provide the most efficient and personal services, in the most comfortable manner as possible. 


We Love Cars! In fact, we love all toys - boats, motorcycles, quads, dirt bikes, golf carts, etc.  Over the years we have developed relationships with many professionals in the industry, whether you just need your vehicle detailed, an oil change, a tune up, your windows tinted, a full body wrap or want to embark on a complete restoration. We can help manage the process. We help our clients with more than just clean cars. We can help with preparing a personal car for retail or trade, we can assist you with selling the vehicle, as well as research, locate and negotiate new acquisitions. 

All you need to do is ask.