What is your approach to detailing? While the industry calls it detailing,  we consider it Reconditioning.  Its our intricate and delicate emphasis on deep cleaning, restoring and protecting your vehicle's interior & exterior. This process requires specific tools, specialized knowledge and many hours of focused attention.​​​​​​

Does Private Automotive Specialists offer a mobile service? Yes, provided that you have an area where our mobile unit can set up, we are fully equipped to service your vehicle onsite as long as we have an accessible location.  We can service your vehicle at your home or office.

Does Private Automotive Specialists detail vehicles other than cars? While the vast majority of what we service are cars, we are fully capable of servicing motorcycles among other toys.

I don’t know what service I should book, what should I do? Please complete our 'Inquire Form' and one of our friendly specialists will contact you to discuss your needs, and once we figure out together what you want to accomplish we can suggest the best package and schedule of services to suit your needs and budget.

I would like to book my vehicle in for regular maintenance, can I create a repeat booking? Yes, many of our regular customers ensure that their booking is reserved with repeat appointments on specific days and times.

What will happen to my booking if it rains? We are equipped with a full size tent to continue serving our clients in less than perfect conditions, however in case of extreme weather conditions our staff will contact our customers when we believe that adverse weather will impact our ability to provide quality work. When available, we will continue with the job by completing the task indoors if a garage is available, otherwise we will then work together to re-schedule all appointments to a suitable day and time.